Baby, I'm a sociopath

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sexualizing sexualities is wrong you guys

don’t do it.


don’t fucking do it.

im talking to the gratsu shippers out there 

Anonymous said:
i wonder if you're just so set-on to your shitty opinion on all fairy tail boys being straight, or you just can't accept the fact that some of us do think they're gay. i mean are they hinted at being heterosexuals? homosexuals? for all we know they could be pan. get over yourself tbh

we know of fairy tail characters not being straight

so why would some be hinted at being gay, and bi and then the rest we have to guess? doesn’t make any sense.

and honestly don’t you come into my blog and tell me what to do it’s not shitty to think of people as straight what is shitty is forcing characters queer because it gets you off. that’s fucking offensive.

look a gratsu shipper crying

i’d be upset to if my ship didn’t exist.

at least im not down with sexualising people’s sexualities because that’s fucking disgusting. not like you bro.



literally what the fuck is the lego movie ive only seen gifs and they all make it look like completely seperate things they cant possibly be one plot

It’s like toy story on cocaine and it is great

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This kinda sounds like a poem

wow why do i love this so much

im definitely a satellite

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More details about Disney’s Moana

Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed plans today for Moana, a sweeping, CG-animated comedy-adventure about a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors’ quest. In theaters in late 2016, the film is directed by the renowned filmmaking team of Ron Clements and John Musker (The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin).

In the ancient South Pacific world of Oceania, Moana, a born navigator, sets sail in search of a fabled island. During her incredible journey, she teams up with her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui, to traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore.

“John and I have partnered on so many films—from The Little Mermaid to Aladdin to The Princess and the Frog,” said Clements. “Creating Moana is one of the great thrills of our career. It’s a big adventure set in this beautiful world of Oceania.”

“Moana is indomitable, passionate and a dreamer with a unique connection to the ocean itself,” Musker said. “She’s the kind of character we all root for, and we can’t wait to introduce her to audiences.”

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I like that her name is Ocean, and she’s from Oceania (which is also the same place in 1984)

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Well shit, somebody tell her.

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.

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North & Penelope leaving ‘The Grill’ restaurant in LA - October 18, 2014

penelope is so fake she’s throwing a hint o’shade at miss north’s outfit in the top pic but wanna be friends in the bottom #gagging

im so glad kim isn’t slicking that hair back.

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